How the cycle of Nationalism — Imperialism — World Wars — Decolonization changed the World and History forever!

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Nationalism is a feeling of loyalty and devotion towards one’s nation. As it is normal for people to have an attachment to their native land, culture, religion, and tradition, people for a long part of history felt loyalty and devotion towards their own land.

But just as Nation-States themselves are relatively new constructs, the concept of Nationalism — that feeling of I am a proud Nepali, Italian, or a German — is a relatively new construct too. …

Why it’s important to know the difference between Scientific Theory and Scientific Law!

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Whenever there is a discussion around Evolution, we often hear the statement “it’s just a theory”. At least I would also think “Oh yeah, it’s not a law” after that. The word “Law” sounds like something that is 100 percent true whereas theory on the other hand sounds like “just a theory”.

After all, we use the word “theory” so casually, like with all those Game of Thrones fan theories and so on.

But the hunches we had about Tyrion and other Game of Thrones characters do…

Colonization of Asia, the Scramble of Africa, Imperialism, and the consequences that led to World Wars!

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Capitalism as an economic system has shaped the world like no other system.

Unlike much of history when only the ones with resources (feudal lords and rich traders) could invest to make money, Capitalism (and concepts like Credit and Credit Creation) meant even the ones with minimal resources could start their venture with the promise of getting higher returns in the future.

While the idea of people acting on their self-interest, or privately owning their property is not an evil idea (it actually feels…

And why it also tells about your nature!

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Science and Engineering are two terms often tagged together. If you come from my part of the world, the difference is not even that concrete. As kids growing up, we would often hear — “If you are good at Science, you do Engineering”.

But as related are both the terms, there are some significant differences between the two, and the differences lie both in terms of approach and the end goal.

Science is concerned with the understanding of our world. It is the pursuit of the knowledge behind “what, how, and why”…

How Capitalism paved the way for unprecedented growth and innovation but also Colonialism!

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For a long time in history, the world was filled with small fragmented villages, ruled by local kings or lords. Yes, there were bigger empires in many parts of the world. But the empires were not as centralized as today’s modern states.

Despite the varying ruling structures, there were two common denominators across societies as diverse as Europe, India, or China. The first denominator was the means of production, which was predominantly agriculture; and the second was one the general outlook and disdain towards the merchant class.

The Rise of Merchant Class

Country vs Nation vs State vs Nation-States: The origin, the differences, and more!

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‘Country’ is a concept that feels even more real than money and religion. Not only does it have its own flag and anthem, but it also has physical components like land, hills, mountain, and physical boundaries. For most of us, it is difficult to even imagine our world without countries — and to pinpoint the establishment date of this concept of country is even more difficult.

Take my country Nepal for example. While there is a certain date that we all can point out as the date…

How the fate of India, the United States, and Australia got shaped 30 years apart — at the hand of one nation!

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At the peak of its power, the British Empire was referred to as “the empire in which the sun never sets!” Such was the extension of the empire that it seemed at least a part of its territory would always be in daylight.

Like the Iberian countries that had ruled the world in the first phase of exploration or the Dutch Empire afterward, it was Britain that heralded the next era of exploration and the subsequent colonization!


The story of the rise of merchants and the most influential company in history!

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In the first phase of exploration, Spain had accumulated such massive wealth that they had everything in their arsenal to rule the world for long. But Spain, which looked destined for absolute world domination for centuries to come, lost its supremacy in less than half a century.

Even the Union with their Iberian neighbor Portugal could not stop its downfall caused by profligacy of their wealth and a series of miscalculated wars and defeats. …

And why I see nothing wrong with that if they actually do!

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You must also have come across the argument and outrage in social media and debates. On why should footballers get paid way more than doctors for just kicking a ball.

I, for one, find both the argument and the outrage unjustified. Before going into the why part, let me clarify that I have used doctors purely for comparison as they are the ones often being compared. Replace doctors with engineers or professors and the points still stand the same.

First of all, footballers do not get paid more than doctors!

Yes, you heard that right. Most of the time…

And no, you don’t need Calculus and complex math to understand Economics!

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A few days back, we had a national budget day in Nepal. So, it reminded me of the usual budget day tweet:

“Today is the day everyone becomes an Economics expert on twitter”.

The tweet might give a witty vibe at first. But when you think deeply about it, it’s actually good that general people are voicing their opinion about Economics. In fact, we should rather be appreciating that!

After all, Economics is a field of study that influences every single person on earth, be it a person…

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