Cristiano Ronaldo returns home … to write a new chapter in Manchester United’s history!

I don’t know where to start. So, let’s rewind 12 months back.

The Corona Virus Pandemic. Lockdowns. Football. Empty Stadiums. Cash Stripped Football Clubs. VAR. Super League. Lionel Messi finally leaving Barcelona. Lionel Messi embracing Sergio…

How an ancient technique of Vipassana Meditation helped me make the dreaded comeback!

Two years back, I left my job to search for something that I thought was missing from my life. I didn’t even know what the missing bit was. Maybe the missing bit was the purpose (or at…

What it felt like witnessing the genius in real-time

The clock ran 50 minutes on the screen board. Hardly a significant moment in any football match. Yet the whole stadium rose to its feet. Just a glance around and I realized what had happened. One normal 5’6 guy was jugging…

Saurav Poudel

Books. Travel. Data. Stories. Experience above everything else.

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